About Mark Lasby

Mark is a Senior Structural Engineer and Project Lead with many years’ experience in the planning, design, sub-consultant coordination, construction and contract supervision of a variety of industrial, civil, commercial, recreational and institutional projects. Project responsibilities ranged from conceptual design to completion of construction. Fields of expertise include structural design and construction of wood, structural steel, steel connections, cast in place concrete, precast concrete and post tensioned concrete for industrial, hydro-electric, residential, civil, commercial, recreational and institutional projects. Work in remote locations included field review and construction coordination for many Government of NWT, NWT Power Corp and private buildings in communities along the northern coast of Canada and the islands of the Canadian Arctic.

Throughout his career Mark has developed computer programs to simplify work processes and carry out repetitive tasks and long calculations which could be error prone. Mark has developed software using Microsoft Excel and Access VBA, Visual Basic, C#, Java, Android, php and Javascript.

Mark began his career in 1979 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. During his full time working life, Mark has worked for engineering consulting firms large and small and a number of EPC (engineer, procure and construct) companies located in Western Canada on projects across Canada and around the world.

Mark retired from full time employment in 2016 to an island off the coast of Vancouver Island. He occupies his time designing structural steel connections, writing structural engineering software and designing custom house foundations for local builders. Most work is carried out remotely over the internet.

Mark is registered as a Professional Engineer in British Columbia and Alberta. From time to time Mark has obtained Professional Engineer registration in other Canadian provinces through inter-provincial registration agreements for projects outside BC and Alberta. From 2018 through 2021 Mark provided structural engineering consulting services as a sole practitioner and carries Errors & Omissions Professional Liability insurance for this work. Starting Jan. 1 2022, Mark became an employee of Columbia Valley Engineering. All new structural engineering consulting projects will be carried out by Columbia Valley Engineering.

Mark is a voting member of the Canadian Standards Association committee which writes and publishes CSA-S16 Design of Steel Structures.

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